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Zooza Features

Register Online for Events

Save time by entering online instead of sending paper through the mail or by fax.

Join Clubs and Pay Dues

Find dog clubs in your area, apply for membership, and pay your dues.

Store Important Data in the Cloud

Eliminate the hassle of entering information about your dogs multiple times.

Build Public Profiles

Tell the world about your dog's accomplishments and brag a little!

Keep Health Histories

Maintain your dog's health with history, records from your vet, and reminders.

Build a Professional Network

Connect and share with other dog professionals, friends, and family.

and more...

Use Zooza to take online entries for your next conformation show, sport trial, and more. You'll love not having to manually process paper entries, and Zooza will even automatically generate your event catalog in Microsoft WORD format. Learn more about Zooza Event Management and get signed up today!
Zooza is used by animal clubs to track membership rosters online and let members pay fees using PayPal. New members can apply with just a few mouse clicks, and you'll love the ability to generate financial reports, send out club communications, take online surveys, and more. Find out more about Zooza Club Management to see if it's a fit for your animal club!

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